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Leaf Removal

Leaf Collection will begin Monday, October 18 and continue through mid-December.

Section 5 hires a private contractor to help with leaf collection each fall. Leaf vacuuming occurs on Mondays beginning mid-October and the final collection is usually late December. There are several things that residents need to remember:

  1. Please rake leaves just to the edge of the curb, not into the street.
  2. Please do not place leaves in bags. Take care that limbs, rocks, and any other heavy objects are removed.
  3. If it rains on our regular vacuuming day, leaves will not be vacuumed that day.
  4. If there is a very heavy rainstorm, it will take at least TWO days for the wet leaves to dry sufficiently for vacuuming. Wet leaves clog the vacuuming machine.
  5. During peak leaf weeks, it may take the crew a second day to complete their work.

ALERT: Williams Lane residents are asked to not park their cars on the street on Mondays. Due to the narrowness of the street, the leaf machine has difficulty passing when cars are also present.