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Date: February 12, 2019

Place: Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Greg Chernack, Pat Xeller, Maryann Luongo, Ashley Kavanaugh, and Joe Toomey

Agenda Item: Greetings and introductions

Chair Greg Chernack called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance.

Agenda Item: Review and Approval of January Council Meeting Minutes

Chair Chernack moved that the minutes from the January meeting be approved; there was a second, and the motion passed.

Agenda Item: Resident Comments

There were no resident comments.

Agenda Item: Public Hearing and Action on Ordinance No. 1-19-1, an Ordinance to Regulate Small Wireless Telecommunications Facilities in the Rights-of Way

Council Chair Chernack moved that Ordinance No. 1-9-1, an ordinance to regulate small wireless telecommunications facilities in the rights-of-way, be approved; there was a second, and the resolution passed by unanimous vote. The ordinance will go into effect on March 4.

Agenda Item: Discussion regarding Sump Pump Discharge and the Rights-of-Way

The Section is in the process of reviewing Section sidewalks and rights-of-way for possible hazards and problem areas. This includes sections of the sidewalk that have settled and tend to pool with water or areas that repeatedly clog with mud and debris after rain or snow. During this review, Building Administrator Joe Toomey identified several problem areas that appear to be the result of sump pump discharges. Unlike regular gutter discharge which occurs only with rain and/or melting snow and generally when surfaces are already wet, sump pump discharge usually occurs on an ongoing periodic basis. This can make sump pump discharge especially problematic during cold weather as freezing may occur and create pedestrian and vehicular safety hazards. Sec. 9-190 of the Section 5 Building Code states: No sump pump or similar drainage system shall be permitted to discharge onto a public right-of-way. Such drainage system existing as of December 3, 2017 may be maintained and repaired but not replaced, provided the discharge does not create pooling or otherwise present a potential hazard or nuisance as determined by the Section 5 Manager.

The sump pump discharges identified by Mr. Toomey fall into the latter category since the sections of sidewalk and street surrounding the water discharge were frozen. The Council discussed ways the Section can work with the residents to address these areas including providing residents with names of service professionals and assisting with insight as to possible remedies concerning the drainage. The goal being to eliminate any hazardous discharges by December 2019.

Agenda Item: Monthly Financial Report

The Town Manager presented an overview of the Section’s current financial status, and entertained questions from the Council.

Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

-For the month of January one tree removal permit was issued by the Section.

-Additionally, three building permits were issued by the Section in January.

-The Town Manager noted new paper phone directories and the March Quarterly Newsletter will be sent to residents early March. The newsletter will include the annual election announcement. Three Council seats are up this May. Current Council members whose terms expire in May include Greg, Pat, and Nancy.

-The Town Manager is working on the beginning stages of FY 2020 budget.

-The Town Manager will meet with Joe Toomey this week to start to identify the critical areas of sidewalk that should be considered for immediate maintenance.


Chair Chernack adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held March 12, 2019, at 7:30 PM at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.