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Date: June 10, 2014

Place: 5906 Connecticut Avenue, Village Hall

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Tim Hanlon, Frances L. Higgins, Scott Livingston, Nancy Pines, Chris Richardson, Greg White, 2 Section 5 residents, 1 Boy Scout who is working on an advancement step titled "Citizenship in the Community" and his mother

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Chris moved that the May 6, 2014, Annual Meeting Minutes be approved as presented. There was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

  2. Agenda Item: Discussion of Results of Williams Lane Vehicular Traffic Survey

    The vehicular traffic survey of the volume of trucks on Williams Lane, conducted by A. Morton Thomas, Engineering Co., produced only the number of trucks that traveled on Williams Lane during a specific period of time. The data show that less than 2% of all vehicles traversing Williams Lane were trucks.

    The Council has reached no decision on whether to take action regarding traffic on Williams Lane. The manager will locate the results of the three most recent traffic studies and copy the data and deliver this data to the Council members during the summer. The Council members will review these data and be ready to discuss the possibility of having a traffic survey conducted of all four major streets in Section 5 for both volume and speed of vehicles.

  3. Agenda Item: Election of Council Officers

    There was some discussion concerning the office which each Council member will fill for FY 2014/15.

    Scott moved that Chris assume the office of Chairman; Greg, Vice-Chair; Scott, Secretary; Tim, Treasurer; and Nancy, Building Inspector. There was a second to the motion and it passed unanimously.

  4. Agenda Item: Citizens Concerns

    John Higgins gave a brief history of the Chevy Chase Historical Society. This organization's purpose is to preserve the history of the geographical area designated as Chevy Chase by the Montgomery County Historical Atlas. The Society collects and preserves both physical objects as well as oral histories. John asked the Council if it would purchase some DVD's published by the Society titled "Chevy Chase, Maryland: A Streetcar to Home" and give one to each new Section 5 resident. John said that the Society will sell these DVD's to the Council at a reduced rate of $9 per DVD; he also said that Section 5 averages six new households per year thus the cost to Section 5 for these DVD's would be approximately $54.00 per year. There was some discussion.

    Chris moved that the Council purchase a DVD for each new Section 5 household. There was a second to the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

  5. Agenda Item: Treasurer's Report

    Tim provided each Council member a copy of the revenues and expenditures for FY 2013/14 through May 31, 2014. He said that there were two items that went over the budget: 1) snow - budget $12,000, spent $28,648; 2) trees - budget $30,000, spent $34,896 He said that there were two items that were under budget: 1) professional fees - budget $15,000, spent $6,000; 2) streets - budget $30,000, spent $4,000. The money that was left over from the two items that were under budget defrayed the cost of the two items that were over budget. The total amount of revenues for FY2013/14 are $445,006 and the expenditures are $358,500; the total amount of revenues left after the budget expenses will have been paid through June 30, 2014, are $86,506. Tim said that someone at the State Income Tax Division has projected that Section 5 will receive an additional $75,000 in income taxes June 30, 2014.

    Tim said that the total amount of revenues which Section 5 will receive for FY 2013/14 will be $161,506. He recommended that Section 5's Council provide a $700 real estate tax credit for each of the 225 households plus LaFerme Restaurant for FY 2014/15. There was some discussion.

    Tim moved that Section 5's Council provide a $700 real estate tax credit for each of the 225 households plus LaFerme for FY 2014/15. Nancy seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The manager will contact Jeanette Pedersen, the County Finance person, and ask her to reduce the real estate tax bill for each of Section 5's 225 households plus LaFerme for FY 2014/15 by $700. The manager will notify Section 5's residents that the Council has voted for a $700 real estate tax credit for FY 2014/15.

  6. Agenda Item: Building Inspector’s Report

    Building Permits issued:
    7203 Connecticut Ave. - replace driveway and construct a vehicle turn around in the front yard.
    7 Leland Ct. - replace fence in back yard.

  7. Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

    A Woodbine St. resident contacted the manager and asked if the Council would pay to replace the grass in a portion of the public strip in front of his house. He said that weeds have overgrown the grass which he previously paid to replace himself. It was mentioned that there is a budget item which is used to beautify public strips.

    The Council agreed to replace the weeds in a portion of the public strip at 3714 Woodbine St. with sod; the cost is not to exceed $500. The manager will contact the resident and tell him that the Council will pay to replace the weeds with sod. She will also contact Michael Cousins, Colonial Landscape, Inc., and ask him to provide a price to re-sod the area.

  8. Agenda Item: Adjournment

    Chris adjourned the meeting. The next Council meeting will be held Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue at 7:30 PM. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.