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Date: June 12, 2018

Place: Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Greg Chernack, Scott Livingston, Pat Xeller, Nancy Pines, Maryann Luongo, Ashley Kavanaugh, two Section 5 residents, and an attorney for the resident requesting a variance

Agenda Item: Greetings and introductions

Chair Greg Chernack called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance. Chair Chernack swore in new councilmember, Maryann Luongo.

Agenda Item: Review and Approval of May Council Meeting Minutes

Chairman Chernack moved that the minutes from the may meeting be approved; there was a second, and the motion passed.

Agenda Item: Residents Comments

There were no resident comments.

Agenda Item: Variance Request No. 18-4-1– 7203 Connecticut Avenue

A hearing was conducted. The applicant appealed the denial of her building permit application and, in the alternative, sought a variance from the provisions of Village Code Section 9-160 which provides, in pertinent part, that "The non-vegetative surface area in a front yard shall not be increased to exceed thirty-five (35) percent of the area of the front yard." Said Section further provides that the limitation does not apply to front yards adjacent to Connecticut Avenue, “if exceeding the thirty-five percent threshold is necessary to allow construction of a driveway turn-around.” According to the materials submitted for the record, the existing driveway, turn-around, and brick walks total 891 square feet, or 45.3% of the front yard. Expanding the driveway turn-around as proposed would increase the non-vegetative surface area in the front yard to 1,066 square feet, or 54.2% of the front yard.

Based upon the evidence presented, the Section 5 Town Council concluded that the Code was properly applied by staff, and exceeding the thirty-five percent threshold was not necessary to allow construction of a driveway turn-around because one already exists. The Council found, however, that the applicant was entitled to the requested variance. The variance was subjected to the conditions that a water drainage plan must be approved by the Town and the area between the turn-around and the retaining wall must be maintained as grass or plantings. After discussion and deliberation, Council Chair Chernack moved that the Town Attorney prepare a written Decision approving the request. There was a second and the motion passed 4 to 1, with Greg Chernack (Chair), Maryann Luongo, Nancy Pines, and Patricia Xeller voting in favor. Scott Livingston voted against the Decision and deemed no variance necessary.

Agenda Item: Financial Report FY 2018

The Town Manager provided the Council members with copies of the financial report for FY 2018. The report included all revenues, expenses, and net income to date. The Manager noted that that the final June State income tax payment for FY 2018 has not yet been made but is expected to total close to $100,000.

Given that Section income will exceed expenditures for the year, the Council recommended that a credit/rebate once again be provided to residents. Chairman Chernack moved that Section 5's Council provide a $700 real estate tax credit for each of the 227 households plus LaFerme restaurant for FY 2018. The motion was seconded, and it passed unanimously. The manager will notify Section 5's residents of the Council vote.

Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

-The Town Manager said there are several permit requests in the works including work by Pepco on Williams Lane, a fence permit on Alden Lane, a deck on Brookville, and one other pending fence permit.

-The Manager noted planning is under way for the July 4th event. The Section has contracted with Rocklands Barbeque again for food. A notice will be sent out to residents in the next few weeks.

-The Manager noted that both the community shred event and the neighborhood winetasting were well attended and seemed to be successful.


Chair Chernack adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held September 11, 2018, at 7:30 PM at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.