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Date: May 9, 2023

Place: Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Chair Greg Chernack, Pat Xeller, Josh Galper, Philip Giordano, Maryann Luongo, Ashley Kavanaugh, Officer Jason Cokinos, and several Section residents.

Agenda Item: Greetings and Introductions

Chair Greg Chernack called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance and the Council and residents present introduced themselves.

Agenda Item: Approval of April Council Meeting Minutes

Chair Chernack moved that the minutes from the April meeting be approved; there was a second, and the motion passed.

Agenda Item: Chair's Report

Chair Chernack gave a brief report on the events of this past year in Section 5. Chair Chernack also noted that this was Pat Xeller’s last meeting as a Council member. The Council thanked Pat for her extraordinary commitment and longtime service to Section 5.

Agenda Item: Residents Comments

There were no resident comments.

Agenda Item: Discussion and Possible Vote on Ordinance No. 4-23-1 regarding the purchase of property

The vote on Ordinance No. 4-32-1 did not take place. The property on Windsor Place that the Council has discussed purchasing is still under contract with another buyer. Should the property become available, the Council will consider a vote at the June meeting. See background information from the April meeting below.

Background: For some time, the Section 5 Council has been interested in the possibility of acquiring land in the Section that could be used for a park or green space for residents. While the Council has been interested in purchasing property, it has proved difficult to find an appropriate parcel, at an acceptable price, that remains available given the often-fast-moving real estate market. To this end, the Section was recently made aware of a piece of property listed for sale at the foot of the cul de sac on Windsor Place. The property is almost a half-acre of undeveloped land. While the property is currently under contract, the contract has many contingencies including feasibility studies due to a small creek that runs across it.

Given the contingency, the Council decided it was prudent to better understand Section 5’s charter requirements regarding purchasing property and engaged Mr. Bolt. He advised that the Council is authorized to purchase land, but State law requires an ordinance be passed to do so. Section 5’s charter requires a two-step procedure to enact an ordinance. The ordinance must be introduced at one meeting, and then voted on at another. The Council must also make reasonable efforts to provide written notice of the proposed ordinance and to hear the views of residents at a Council meeting. Given these requirements, the Council decided to introduce an ordinance regarding the purchase of property at the April meeting to allow for more flexibility should the property become available, and to allow the Council the ability to move in an expeditious manner given real estate demand should they determine that is necessary. Chair Chernack formally introduced Ordinance No. 4-23-1, a non-emergency ordinance to allow the Section 5 Council the authority to purchase the aforementioned property on Windsor Place. The ordinance could be voted on as early as the May meeting.

Agenda Item: Discussion and Vote on Ordinance 4-23-2, to adopt the budget for Fiscal Year 2024

The Town Manager presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2024 budget to the Council and residents present. After a detailed discussion of all the line items, income, and expenditures, the budget was up for a vote. Chair Chernack moved the adoption of Ordinance No. 4-23-2, Fiscal Year 2024 Budget as submitted, there was a second, and the motion passed unanimously.

Agenda Item: Residents Vote on Tax Rate

Chair Chernack noted that as in past years, the Council recommends the tax rate be set at zero. The residents in attendance voted unanimously in favor of the recommendation of the Council, and the tax rate will be set at zero.

Agenda Item: Manager’s report

-The Town Manager noted there were two building permits issued this month, as well as five tree removal permits.

-The next Bulk Trash Collection will be Saturday, June 10.

-The Manager said the Section has received a Maryland Public Information Act request. The Section is working with outside counsel, Michael Berman, to produce the requested information.

Announcement of 2023 Election Results and Swearing-in of Newly Elected Council Members

The election results were not yet available. The candidates and residents will be informed by email of the results as soon as they are available. The swearing-in of new members will take place at the June Council meeting.


Chair Chernack adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held June 13, 2023, at 7:30 PM at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.