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Date: October 14, 2014

Place: 5906 Connecticut Avenue, Village Hall

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Tim Hanlon, Frances L. Higgins, Chris Richardson, 5 Section 5 residents

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Only two Council members were present. Accordingly, there was not a quorum present and official business could not be transacted. It was decided to continue the meeting to address the concerns of the citizens present and further to discuss matters that could be addressed without taking official action.

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Tim moved that the September 9, 2014, Council minutes be approved as revised; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

  2. Agenda Item: Citizens Concerns

    A Leland St. resident stated that the traffic data for volume as well as speed that was collected on Woodbine St. may not be an accurate picture of the volume because of the construction at 3700 Woodbine St. that resulted from a water main break.

    The manager will contact Jack Goode, an engineer with A. Morton Thomas Engineering Firm, about this possible discrepancy.

    A. Morton Thomas has promised to provide Section 5 with an analysis of the data which the company has collected of the volume and speed on all four Section 5 streets by Friday, Oct. 17, 2014. The manager will distribute this data to the Council.

    Two Williams Lane residents asked the Council to contact A. Morton Thomas, the engineering company, about the number of days during which it collected the data concerning the volume of trucks larger than pickup trucks on Williams Lane.

    The manager will contact the company concerning this data collection.

  3. Agenda Item: Report Concerning Traffic Survey of All Section 5 Streets Both Volume and Speed

    A. Morton Thomas (AMT) is the engineering firm that is collecting data concerning the vehicle volume and speed on all four Section 5 streets. The data was collected the week of Oct. 6 - 10. The firm will provide an analysis of this data to the Council by Fri. Oct. 17, 2014.

  4. Agenda Item: Update of Section 5 Land Survey

    Surveyors from AMT are surveying all Section 5 streets and placing temporary markers at certain intervals. The firm plans to have the project completed by the end of October 2014.

  5. Agenda Item: Discussion of Serving Alcoholic Beverages at Section 5 Social Functions

    The Council decided at the September 9, 2014, Council meeting to allow residents to bring their own alcoholic beverages to the September 9, 2014, Block Party. There was some discussion concerning the liability which Section 5 could assume if someone was served an alcoholic beverage at a Section 5 social function and then was involved in an illegal activity because of his/her impairment.

    The Council decided to wait until the November 11, 2014, regular Council meeting when the entire Council will be present to make a permanent decision concerning the serving of alcoholic beverages at Section 5 social functions.

  6. Agenda Item: Treasurer's Report

    Tim provided the Council members with a copy of the revenues and expenditures from July 1, 2014, through September 30, 2014. He said that Section 5 will receive the first large income tax check from the State November 30, 2014. He also said that all the expenditures were within the budget.

  7. Agenda Item: Discussion Concerning Installation of New Street Signs

    A Woodbine St. resident has completed some research concerning the cost and installation of metal street signs at all the intersections of Section 5 streets. She emailed the pictures of some of the models to the manager and the manager sent them along to the Council members. Scott will perform some additional research and present it to the Council at the November 11, 2014, Council meeting.

    The Council agreed to spend not more than $30,000 for the new street signs to be installed in Section 5. The manager will contact sign post manufacturing companies and present the material at the Nov. Council meeting.

  8. Agenda Item: Building Inspector’s Report

    Permit granted:
    3815 Williams Ln. - addition of 2 bathrooms, space added to the kitchen

  9. Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

    A child was hit by a car on Brookville Rd. in the afternoon after school. He crossed the road in the middle of the block where there is no crosswalk. The mother of this child emailed the manager about the incident. The manager sent her email along to the Council members.

    The manager will contact the State Highway Administration and ask if the State will install a stop sign at the Corner of Thornapple St. and Brookville Rd. or at the corner of Underwood St. and Brookville Road. She will keep the Council informed about the State's receptivity of this request. The manager contacted the mother of the child who was hit and told her of the Council's efforts to have a stop sign installed on Brookville Rd.

    The family who has rented the house at 7200 Brookville Rd. has a large number of cars and trucks. He/she parks several of these vehicles on Thornapple St. rather than in his/her driveway on Brookville Rd. He uses several parking spaces along Thornapple St. which the Thornapple St. residents have been accustomed to using. The manager has contacted this resident and explained to him about the shortage of parking spaces on Thornapple St. The situation has not changed.

    The President of the Chevy Chase Fire Board has written a letter to Section 5's Council asking for a donation. Chris and Tim decided that the Council should wait until the full Council is present at the November 11, 2014, Council meeting make a decision concerning this request.

    The County police have contacted the manager about robberies which happen at gas stations. While the owner of the car is in the office paying for the gas, a person steals items from the car. The police have asked residents to be attentive to their cars while making a gasoline transaction.

  10. Agenda Item: Adjournment

    Chris adjourned the meeting. The next Council meeting will be held Tuesday, November 11, 2014, at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue at 7:30 PM. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.