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Date: June 12, 2012

Time: 7:30 PM

Place: 5906 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase Village Hall

Present: Peter Gray; Tim Hanlon; Frances L. Higgins; Nancy Pines; Chris Richardson; 2 Section 5 residents

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Nancy moved that the May 8, 2012 Council meeting minutes be accepted as amended; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

  2. Agenda Item: Lisa Fadden, Vice-president Public Affairs Chevy Chase Land Company

    Lisa said that the County Planning Board is looking at new development at each of the stations on the proposed Purple Line. The size of the development which Chevy Chase Land Company has proposed for the Chevy Chase Lake area partly depends on the construction of the Purple Line; however, the Land Company does have square footage which it was granted previously by the County Planning Board that the Land Company has not as yet utilized. She said that the present buildings at the Chevy Chase Lake site were built in the 1960's and need to be updated.

    Lisa presented an architectural drawing of the Land Company's proposed buildings for the Lake site. There are four separate sections in these drawings. Buildings in sections B1 and B2 may be built using the amount of square footage which the County Planning Board has already granted to the Land Company. Both sections B1 and B2 areas will have residential as well as commercial buildings. Buildings in sections C and D will not be completed until the Purple Line is built.

    Nancy asked if there will be a grocery store in the new commercial space. Lisa said that there will be a grocery store as part of the new development as well as other convenience retail stores. A resident asked about a hardware store. Lisa said that at present the T. W. Perry Lumber Company, a current store at the Lake site, has plans to remain there in some capacity. A resident asked about the number of proposed parking spaces, the location of these spaces and the cost to the people using the parking. Lisa said that the Land Company has proposed creating 100 parking spaces, that most of this parking will be underground and that a small fee will be charged for use of this short-term parking. There will be some above ground parking spaces.

    There was a question about the traffic problems that will be caused by construction activity and then about traffic problems that will be caused by residents of the new residential properties as well as patrons of the stores once the project is completed. Lisa said there are three choke points for traffic congestion on Connecticut Avenue, at Jones Bridge Road, at Manor Road and at East-West Highway. The Land Company will address these future traffic problems with the County. Lisa said it will be 2016 before there is a shovel in the ground for this new development.

  3. Agenda Item: Council Discussion and Vote on Net Income Distribution to Residents/ Treasurer's Report

    Tim provided the Council members with copies of the financial report for FY 2011-12 for revenues, expenses and net income to date. The last large State income tax payment for FY 2011-12 has been made; it was for $93,874.00. With this last payment being included the total for revenues for FY 2011-12 is $459,888. Expenses totalled $311,167, leaving net income of $148,721. There was some discussion concerning the amount of net income to credit a portion of Section 5's residents' real estate taxes for FY 2012-13. The County has notified Section 5 that it will have the reductions posted to Section 5's residents' tax bills by September 1, 2012.

    It was suggested that this payment of a portion of the residents real estate taxes be called a property tax credit. Nancy moved that the Council pay Montgomery County $650.00 toward the real estate tax bills for FY 2012-13 for each of the 225 households and the one commercial establishment in Section 5. There was a second and the motion passed unanimously. The manager will send a letter to Section 5's residents notifying them that they will receive a reduction of their property tax bill for FY 2012-13 in the amount of $650.00.

  4. Agenda Item: Discussion of Investment Policy

    The manager wrote a proposed investment policy; John reviewed it and edited it. She then sent a copy of this policy to each Council member. There is a Maryland State law which requires municipalities in Maryland to adopt an investment policy. There was some discussion. The manager will renumber the items in the investment policy so that they are correctly numbered according to the Code of Ordinances numbering system.

    The manager will send a copy of this proposed investment policy to the residents with the September Council meeting agenda for their review. Residents may attend the September Council meeting and provide their comments and suggestions. The Council will vote on the adoption of this investment policy at the October Council meeting.

  5. Building Inspector's Report

    Permits granted:
    3711 Thornapple St. ‒ one story addition in rear

  6. Manager's Report

    The State Highway Administration (SHA) has decided to cover the soil in the median strip along Connecticut Avenue, a State highway, with concrete pavers.

    A resident has asked Section 5 to support an effort to have a stop sign installed on Brookville Rd. at the intersection of Thornapple St. and also a stop sign on Brookville Rd. at the intersection of Underwood St. The manager has contacted the SHA about installing a stop sign on Brookville Rd. at one of these two intersections.

    It has been noted that the demolition of the house at 7203 Brookville Rd. has begun without a permit.

    The manager will contact the owner of 7203 Brookville Rd. because Section 5 has not as yet issued a demolition permit.
    The manager has engaged Bill Bissell, a civil engineer, to inspect Section 5's storm drain inlets and report about any needed repairs. McCrone Engineering Co. has sent the Council a proposal about an inspection of Section 5's entire storm drain system. The suggested cost is $19,000. The Council will review McCrone's proposal over the summer and discuss it at the September Council meeting.

  7. Adjournment:

    Peter moved that the meeting adjourn; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously. The next Council meeting will be Wednesday, September 12, 2012, at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Ave., at 7:30 PM. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.