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General Information

  1. Please read about donations, trash and recycling.
  2. PARKING AND TRAFFIC: Park no closer than thirty feet (30) from an intersection. Park on only one side where posted, to allow quick access to the narrow streets by emergency vehicles. Be considerate of your neighbors and do not park directly across from their driveways making it impossible to get in or out. PLEASE obey the twenty mile per hour (20) speed limit and STOP SIGNS for the safety of all.
  3. HEDGES: Hedges must be trimmed so they do not block the view of motorists. They must also be kept trimmed so as not to encroach on the public side walk to hamper pedestrians.
  4. DOGS: When you dog is out-of-doors, he/she must be on a leash. There is a Montgomery County leash law and a Section 5 leash law requiring all dogs to be fenced in, leashed or under the control of his/her owner. Also, residents should clean up after their own dogs.
  5. REMOVAL OF PRIVATE TREES: Section 5 has a tree ordinance which precludes the removal of trees on private property without a town tree removal permit. You may contact the manager for more information.
  6. EMERGENCY: Call 911 for: fires; auto accidents involving fatalities, injury or disabling of vehicles; crimes in progress; ambulance requests; downed power lines, etc.

Police non-emergency: Call 301 652-9200 to report auto accidents with no injuries and minor damage; parking violations; request information, street directions, etc.